Arizona Trooper’s Life Saved By Armed Citizen

Arizona Trooper's Life Saved By Armed Citizen

Arizona Trooper's Life Saved By Armed Citizen

One Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper owes his life to an armed citizen after a being ambushed and shot on the side of Interstate 10 early Thursday morning.

The 27 year veteran trooper, identified as Edward Anderson, was responding to reports of shots fired at a motorist’s car. The driver of that vehicle said their car had been shot at from the median of I-10.

En route, Anderson came upon a fatal car crash and began blocking traffic and laying out flares.

That’s when he was attacked.

The suspect shot Anderson in the shoulder and fought the trooper to the ground. Once on the ground he began hitting Anderson’s head on the pavement.

Luckily for the trooper an armed citizen and his wife were traveling westbound on the interstate and noticed the fight. They pulled over and the man retrieved his weapon and confronted the suspect.

When the attacker refused to comply the Good Samaritan fired, killing him. The man then called for help using the trooper’s radio.

Anderson was hospitalized and in serious but stable condition after surgery for his gunshot wounds to the shoulder and arm.

In a news conference DPS director Col. Frank Milstead thanked the armed citizen who saved Anderson’s life.

“I don’t know if my trooper would be alive today without his assistance,” Milstead said

This attack is shockingly similar to one that happened in Florida late last year.

In a time of ever increasing anti-police mentality, concealed carriers need to ask themselves what role they would take in situations like this. Are you merely going to be a good witness or risk your own life by stepping in to save someone else, as this armed Arizonan did?

Let us know in the comments!

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Mike Doran is a writer and political junkie. He is a lifelong hunter and outdoor enthusiast who braves the south Georgia heat every day. You can follow Mike on Twitter at
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Good for him!!

Green Hornet

I would like to think that I could do what it takes to help, funny things happen when you are put in the hot seat!!

David Kilpatrick

Amen to that. We all think we could do what this man did but…..

Brett Sullivan

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Clayton Eads

Kudos to this fine American…proof that We all might be sheepdogs… 🙂

Logan Sims

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Bruce Slack

FO Logan

Jake Powell

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Paul Crouch

Fine job! Hope Anderson recovers fully!!


Go glad he was there to help the officer!! He probably saved his life!!!! It just serves as a reminder to me to get my CC permit valid for Texas. I have one for Oregon but not here yet.


President Trump is going to fix that soon !


The good people have to get more involved in this sort of thing!
I think we will have our right to self defense and the defense of others better protected
By President Trump !! Might be that we will not be dragged threw the federal courts by our
so called government because of the color of our skin !!! All blood is red!!!


These are incidents you don’t see on most liberal media outlets. You’d never guess that an armed citizen isn’t a bad guy by all the anti-2a propaganda the MSM feeds you. Stories like this need to be shared everywhere, especially in places where guns are considered evil, looking at you Californistan.

Steve Gwilt

Of all places. Tonopah seems like out in the middle of nowhere.


It is and that likely is why it happened there. Perp thought he’d get away with it. He didn’t count on a good guy with a gun.

Jim Lagnese

All’s well that ends well.


The citizen did the right thing in this case; but I wouldn’t be quick to say I would always step in and shoot someone. Walking up to a deadly altercation you may or may not know who is perp and then winding up killing the wrong person. I would always protect an officer of the law; after that my CC is to protect my family and myself. These are troubled times with many prosecutors looking for a CC person to charge and put away for life. Am I wrong here?

Jim Lagnese

Family comes first, always.

David Kilpatrick

No, I think you are entirely correct. The fact that this guy saved a police officer and subsequently the County Attorney hedges on whether or not charges will be brought against the citizen is telling. The law seems to be biased against defending your self or someone else and leaves loopholes for trial lawyers to sue you into bankruptcy for doing the right thing. Sad, in my view.


Thank God FOX NEWS or I’d would NOT EVER HEARD About This
GREAT NEWS. I’m Retired Military and Totally Back All Police
Officers. The Person Did Everything Right By Law to Protect Arizona
Trooper. Hope Donald Trump Changes Some These Crazy Requirements to Save
Ourselves, Family Members and Anyone Some Criminal Attempting to Kill. I
Read allot On Concealed Carry and Areas and States With MOST Concealed Carry
People Have Normally The LOWEST CRIME. Police Can’t Be Everywhere and If
Going to Conceal Carry YOU Need to Go Practice at Least Monthly With Your
Weapon and If New to Handguns Pay to Get the Proper Training. I Taught My Wife
to Shoot Proficiently. We Have Allot Females Training at My Local Indoor
Gun Club. I’m Glad See more Citizens Taking Responsibility for Their
Families and Friends Protection. Time Bad Guys Don’t Win Anymore.
End Political Correctness and Back Old Fashion Law & Order And Respecting
Police & Military Who Put Lives on Line to Protect Us. I Know
Sacrifices They Make to Do Their Jobs. I’m a Retired Military E-8 Veteran
and Still Love My Country and Doing All I Can Back Our New President Elect and
Make America Great and SAFE. If Want Hear TRUTH ONLY WATCH FOX
NEWS. Rest All Propaganda and FAKE NEWS. Yes GOD Bless The Trooper, Police,
Military and Armed Citizens. Amen

1SG RichG

Patrick Hayes

Thank GOD this brave individual happened to show up at the scene. There will be more and more incidents like this after the Inauguration and those who carry concealed must be ready to take the necessary stand when the time comes. The liberal news media will never praise such an individual as the man who stopped the attempted murder of this Arizona Trooper. It is time to do the soul searching so we all can be ready to act if and when we are needed. GOD Bless both the trooper and the armed citizen.

Jim Lagnese

I thank the person that showed the courage to help another human being.


And this, ladies and gentlemen is why I am an AZ state out of state conceal carry person! My daughter lives in AZ and myself and my son live in California, in LA county, where it’s the most difficult to receive a ccw permit but my az permit allows me to carry in 28-29 other states!


My condolences are with the trooper and his family. May he have a speedy recovery and thanks to that brave citizen for saving that trooper and for our 2nd amendment and ccws!


I hope our law enforcement here sees that we too can be of help and allow us angelenos to carry ccws!!!


In California only certain counties allow ccws but you must reside in them and when you do, it covers the full state! In LA county its difficult to get and law enforcement here doesnt want us civilians to carry! If the background check deems you competent and you pass… why arent we allowed to??? If you live in ventura county,orange county or riverside county even kern county… you may receive a ccw but not in LA county and its surrounded by all those


I am a Friend of The LEOs. Always have been. So glad someone stepped up. My gratitude goes out to that brave, reacting person. I truly believe I would have done it also. I am a Sheepdog, a Protector of the Flock and a Woman!

Richard E Bernier

He waited to long to shoot him. Don’t ask, shoot to kill. Black talon hollow point in the head. Enough said.


good citizen .. thank you for caring and stepping up for officer

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That was a true American. More people need to step up to help others in need or danger, even if it means putting your life at risk. With people willing to help, this country will fall to the criminals.
And no wonder this wasn’t reported in the liberal media, they’re afraid to show that guns and legal gun owners are not a threat to society, but are necessary to a free republic to help keep the good people safe and free.
With out and armed society, this country will be over taken by criminals and leftists liberals, turning this country in a communist regime.