Armed Homeowner Warns Intruder Twice then Critically Shoots Him

Armed Homeowner Warns Intruder Twice then Critically Shoots Him

Armed Homeowner Warns Intruder Twice then Critically Shoots Him

PHOENIX, AZ – On the morning of September 22nd, 2015, around 10:20 AM, a Phoenix homeowner in his 60’s heard the sound of one of his windows being broken into. He retrieved his firearm and warned the intruder twice that he was armed before proceeding to shoot him.

“The homeowner reported perceiving a threat and fired at the subject, striking him,” police said in a statement.”

The wounded intruder got away on foot over the backyard fence but didn’t get to far. Emergency personnel found him lying in an alley about 5 houses away in extremely critical condition. He was then rushed to the hospital.

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Arizona is a state with a castle doctrine law:

“A. A person is justified in threatening or using both physical force and deadly physical force against another if and to the extent the person reasonably believes that physical force or deadly physical force is immediately necessary to prevent the other’s commission of arson of an occupied structure under section 13‑1704, burglary in the second or first degree under section 13‑1507 or 13‑1508, kidnapping under section 13‑1304, manslaughter under section 13‑1103, second or first degree murder under section 13‑1104 or 13‑1105, sexual conduct with a minor under section 13‑1405, sexual assault under section 13‑1406, child molestation under section 13‑1410, armed robbery under section 13‑1904, or aggravated assault under section 13‑1204, subsection A, paragraphs 1 and 2. B. There is no duty to retreat before threatening or using physical force or deadly physical force justified by subsection A of this section. C. A person is presumed to be acting reasonably for the purposes of this section if he the person is acting to prevent the commission of any of the offenses listed in subsection A of this section. D. This section is not limited to the use or threatened use of physical or deadly physical force in a person’s home, residence, place of business, land the person owns or leases, conveyance of any kind, or any other place in this state where a person has a right to be.”