Carjacker Held at Gunpoint by a Concealed Carrier

Carjacker Held at Gunpoint by a Concealed Carrier

Carjacker Held at Gunpoint by a Concealed Carrier


Plymouth, PA – It was a scary night for a few people this past Monday but a concealed carrier was on scene to stop yet another carjacking. At a Quick & EZ Stop in Plymouth, a woman was followed out of the store by a man who then attempted to carjack her. He tried to get into her car but after she refused he ran across the street and decided to pick another victim.

That’s when he stopped another car with a woman and her children in the vehicle. A fight ensued as the man dragged her out of the car. She then got back into the car fearing for her life and the life of her kids when all of a sudden the vehicle sped back across the street and stopped by a gas pump back at the Quick & EZ Stop.

That’s when concealed carry license holder Rob Ragukus came to the rescue. He was there to purchase cigarettes when this all took place. He got out of his car and drew his firearm.

“I have a license to carry this gun, don’t move.”

The police has already been called and Ragukus held the suspect at gunpoint until they arrived. While being interviewed, Ragukus has a great quote.

“Its something everyone needs to do,” he said, “Step up and take back their town.”

Within the article’s comment section, the second victim who was dragged from her car commented:

Ragukus was my angel last night! If he wasn’t there I don’t know how bad things would have been. My kids could be gone. Owe this man my life.

Chalk one more up for the good guys. If Ragukus would not have been there with his concealed carry gun, the outcome could have been much different.