[QUIZ] Basic Mechanical Parts of a Semi-Automatic Pistol

[QUIZ] Basic Mechanical Parts of a Semi-Automatic Pistol

We talk a lot about the sear, trigger bar, and striker on our pistols, but can we visually identify them and other internal mechanisms and fundamental parts of our guns. Of course, most of us are not gunsmiths, but still we should have a general idea about the mechanisms of our guns and know the names and functions of the parts. Here’s a basic, introductory visual Quiz to see if you can recognize them. Now to even claim you are above the Novice level for a shooting aficionado, you must get 9 of the 10 correct. I know you can. In the pictures below, for each labeled part that has a letter and/or arrow, place the number of the correct name of each part in the blank beside the letter. HINT: There are a few extra part names you will not use, just to challenge you. ¬†Answers are at the end, but no looking at the answers before you finish the Quiz. Success!

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