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[DVD REVIEW] PDN “Violent Criminal Actors” DVD

[DVD REVIEW] PDN “Violent Criminal Actors” DVD

Once again, Personal Defense Network brings William Aprill to the screen, interviewed by Rob Pincus.  Aprill is one of the foremost experts on violent criminal actors, having worked in law enforcement before pursuing a career in mental health care and research.  Violent criminal actors (henceforth VCAs) are complex actors, with a wide variety of motivations,…

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Review: PDN's “The 5 W's of Personal Defense”

Review: PDN’s “The 5 W’s of Personal Defense”

Personal Defense Network has a reputation for rock-solid training and training materials, and “The 5 W's of Personal Defense” is an excellent starting place for those interested in self defense. Presented by William Aprill and Robert Pincus, the focus as the title might suggest is on the who/what/when/where/why of violent crime: Who will be involved?…

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