Wisconsin Concealed Carry Now Legal

Wisconsin Concealed Carry Now Legal

Wisconsin Concealed Carry Now Legal

Today, Nov, 1, 2011, Wisconsin’s concealed carry laws went into effect. Residents of Wisconsin can now apply for their concealed carry permits. According to the WI DOJ, they also accept permits from the following states (unless you are a Wisconsin resident):

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands

Wisconsin residents can now download the application here. We have updated our Wisconsin Concealed Carry page to list all of the training requirements. We have also updated our Concealed Carry Maps to show the states they allow.

The WI DOJ has also created a website that has links to the application, training requirements, address changes, out-of-state recognition and reciprocity, and an FAQ.

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  • G3ride69

    Why not South Dakota?

  • Weeze

    Why not Florida permits?


      Florida issues thru the Dept Of Agriculture and as such is NOT law enforcement and as such does NOT have access to LEADS or NCIC or NICS and as such does NOT meet the Wisconsin Standard.

  • Dfe

    Why not England permits?


      To those posting asking why they dont accept certain permits. It is my understanding that IF the state you have a permit in uses NICS for its background check then it meets the criteria for the Wisconsin permit. If this is the case IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY Wisconsin DOJ IN WRITING of this and they will add that state to the list of Reciprocal Agreements. 
      I noted that NH and VA are not on the list. I called both states to ask about how they did background checks. Both States meet the “wisconsin standard” so I sent a letter to WI DOJ telling them this. Will have to wait and see if they are added to the list. I urge everyone that has a permit that is NOT listed to investigate and notify WISCONSIN of what you find. 
      Just because a State passes CCW does NOT mean that the vigilant should rest. Stay on this.

  • Tower-one

    I live in Iowa, so I’m good to go. Hang in there. The law has just begun, so they will recognize other states as time goes on. I also have a Florida and  Utah permits.

  • badboy

    Does this include the “non-resident” permits as well?



  • fred c. dobbs

    why  not  OryGUN

  • Don

    They should make it legal Nation wide.Crook’s are Nation wide.

    • Ilikecoke

      It is legal nation wide, 2nd amendment. The criminal class just won’t allow it.

  • Mike

    Indiana will take theirs. When will they take ours?


      Indiana State law provides that Indiana MUST accept any permit from any other state or foriegn agency.

      This is Indiana Law regarding this matter VERBATIM:

      IC 35-47-2-21
      Recognition of retail dealers’ licenses and licenses to carry handguns issued by other states
           Sec. 21. (a) Retail dealers’ licenses issued by other states or foreign countries will not be recognized in Indiana except for sales at wholesale.
          (b) Licenses to carry handguns, issued by other states or foreign countries, will be recognized according to the terms thereof but only while the holders are not residents of Indiana.
      As added by P.L.311-1983, SEC.32. 

    • I’m investigating this, and according to the Indiana State Police they do both checks Wisconsin DOJ requires.  Sent a fax to WI DOJ and have a call out to ISP firearms section Lieutenant to try to get this sorted.

    • I just got a letter back from WI DOJ. They contacted the Indiana State Police after they received my fax and got the information they needed to add Indiana to their reciprocity list.
      Bureaucracy worked, and it only took a month.

      All I did was talk to the Indiana State Police to ensure they do a NICS and a criminal record check. Then I sent a fax to WI DOJ using the contact information on their website and told them to contact the ISP.

      Anybody in the same boat just needs to contact WI DOJ and get them the proof of both background checks and WI will honor your state’s permits.

  • Mopar62

    I wonder why they didn’t include VA,DE,SC in their list of states? I see they honor the state of Maryland and Maryland dosn’t honor them? Maryland doesn’t honor anybody that I know of.  I know my VA permit is not honored.

  • Tinmannx

    New York but not SC, why?

  • Spike_dawgg

    Finally. Congrats to all Wisconsin carry folks. Never again will you ever be a helpless victim.


    Why has Missouri not been given reciprocity?


      Again,you need to investigate HOW MO does its background checks. If they do BGC like WI does BGC,then send notice of that IN WRITING to the Wisconsin Dept of Justice in Madison Wisconsin. The Info for WIDOJ is here:

      17 West Main Street  Madison, WI 53703(920) 832-2750

  • Lafaillepj

    Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands but not SC that’s weird.

  • Maple1960

    Congrats Wisconsin, WELCOME TO AMERICA –

    From your neighbors in Indiana 

  • Speezack

    Why not accept Virginia permits?????


      Im working on that one as I hold a VA non resident permit. Marie Lucas of the VA State Police Gun unit is very helpful in this matter. Notice has been sent to WI about this as well.

  • Dagwood6420021

    good they accept GA.but you have to travel through Illinois to get there

    • Wasillakid

      it is my understanding that as long as you dont stop and stay in Illinois you can travel through legally. just mho.

      • ARMED in CHICAGO

        That is correct. Your weapon MUST be encased and/or unloaded.
        The rule of thumb is:

        A. Unloaded
        B. In a locked case.

        The LAW reads Inaccessible OR non functioning.

        PLAY IT SAFE and do both. 

  • hoowaah

    Why not Missouri?

  • Wasilliakid

    Luke, Rumor has it that they are holding all applications in Wisconsin till they can revamp the qualifications ? Have you heard anything on this. I sent in the required documents plus my non res Utah and Florida CCW class certifications and permit. I am hoping that will get my application on through their snafu. any info is greatly appreciated. 

    • Ilikecoke

      The permits are being issued.


      Thats all that is. A Rumor. My contact at WIDOJ informs me that it is about a 2 week turnaround for a WI CCW permit. 

  • Luvguns61

    Congrats Wisconsin .. maybe you can come to Illinois and teach these idiot politicians a few things.. this is one of the reasons I am trying to relocate to your state .. Congrats to your politicians who voted in favor.. imagine that..a politician that actually upholds our constitutional rights!!

    • Sandyk

       They’ll have no choice.  No one is going to move to Illinois if they can’t defend themselves.  And people as myself will leave for states that do allow people to defend themselves. Illinois is in effect, committing suicide.

  • Anonymous

    I am licensed in Oregon but added the Utah permit.  It’s currently as close as you can get to a national carry and now is recognized by Wisconsin.  BTW, gratz to Wisconsin.  Hang in there, Illinois.  Better yet, move someplace you can carry.  Oregon would love to have you.

  • holmes


  • kenrick

    I am a transplant to New Hampshire from WI. I have a permit but can’t carry in WI?? What the Hell is that? That’s not right!!

  • Jbb11371

    The reciprocity map needs to be updated for Wisconsin.

  • stevenmetzger

    I took the concealed carry course through a aacfi instructor, sent in the application, took 23 days to get my wisconsin permit. I love that I can now conceal carry where ever I go in wisconsin. 

  • Dojmahaul

    I’m very happy with this news.I have several family members living in Wisconson.