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S&W M360 .357 Airweight Review

S&W M360 .357 Airweight Review

Smith & Wesson revamped its line of CCWs and one of those is the 360 in .357.  It is rated +P. This compact piece is what you'd expect from S&W's line of lightweight snubbies, with a few changes. Specifications of the S&W M360 .357 Airweight The changes are slim line grips with earth tone rubber. You…

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How Often Do You Replace Your Carry Rounds

How Often Do You Replace Your Carry Rounds?

How often do you replace the rounds in your CCW? A lot of people probably say, "Only after I need to shoot them." The problem is, a lot of people probably do not shoot their carry rounds often enough. Ammo carried in your CCW is not the same as ammo stored in boxes in your…

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The Flaws in Georgia's Campus Carry Bill

The Flaws in Georgia’s Campus Carry Bill

At least one flaw in an update to Georgia's concealed weapons law caused one gun-supporting member of the House of Representatives to vote against it. "I am not opposed to the bill," said Rep. Clay Pirkle (R-Turner County). "I looked at the bill. I had questions and insufficient time to get answers. If I don't…

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5 Mistakes Handgunners Make and What To Do About It

5 Mistakes Handgunners Make and What To Do About It

Former police chief Joe Saxon is one of the top shooters in Georgia with a handgun and a sought-after instructor. His list of credentials covers pages. We sat down with Joe to find what are the biggest mistakes hand gunners make and how to correct them. Top Shooting Mistakes The No. 1 mistake most people…

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