Nevada Dropping 6 States CCW Permits From Their Reciprocity List July 1st

Nevada Dropping 6 States CCW Permits From Their Reciprocity List July 1st

The State of Nevada has revised its requirements to accept other State’s concealed carry permits. This revision has resulted in several states not making the cut any longer. That list includes:

  • Ohio
  • Florida
  • Mississippi
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Virginia.

Residents with CCW permits from any of the above states will no longer be able to carry a handgun in Nevada as of July 1st.

Changes to gun laws across the country happen nearly all the time so it is imperative that permit holders keep abreast of the law at all times and especially when they travel. There are several sites including USA Carry’s Concealed Carry Maps that track this info so there is no excuse not to be informed of any changes. Even with those resources, it’s even better to check with the State authorities directly as sometimes these changes can happen quickly without much notice.

It’s on you if you’re wrong. Be safe. Do the homework.

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