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Defending Your Family -- What You Need To Know

Defending Your Family — What You Need To Know

In this article, we're going to discuss developing a family mindset geared towards self-defense inside and outside the home. While staying safe at home is a number one priority, we also think it's prudent to have several action plans prepared should something happen out in town as well. We're going to break down the various…

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How to Handle a Loud Thud at Night

How to Handle a Loud Thud at Night

A few weeks ago, I showed people an email from a fellow who thought he had an intruder in his house. It turned out to be his dog getting its leash caught in its cage, but the fact is, this gentleman didn’t have his gun loaded and it took him a while to get ready…

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Defensive Intelligence, The Foundation

Defensive Intelligence, The Foundation

If you “Google” self defense in your given city, you’re probably going to see a list of martial arts schools. Rarely will you see a school that blends unarmed and armed tactics with a firearm. I know you can get training at a dojo for nunchaku, swords, etc. But those are not things you are…

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The 18-year-old almost made this mistake

The 18-Year-Old Almost Made this Mistake

Unless you live on another planet, you’ve no doubt heard the story of the 18-year-old Oklahoma woman who killed a home intruder with a shotgun, protecting not only herself but her baby. Now, the most important thing going for this woman was that she had a gun for home defense purposes. Better yet, she had…

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The Single-Action Revolver for Self-Defense

The Single-Action Revolver for Self-Defense

On cold day in winter, my Son-in-Law and I was about to share some range time. When I walked out of the house to his car he asked, "Where's you range bag?" I said, "I'm carrying it." He then asked me, "Well, what are you going to shoot?" I said, "I'm carrying it." Off to…

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Shotgun Myths and Secrets of Home Defense

Shotgun Myths and Secrets of Home Defense

Sitting in my bedroom is a Remington 870 shotgun full of 00 buckshot. Because, in my opinion, along with a good handgun (mine is a Glock 19) everyone also needs a shotgun for home defense. However, thanks to Hollywood, many people are often confused about how to properly use a shotgun. I’m going to try…

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Self Defense Shooting in New Mexico

Shortly before 10:30pm Tuesday (02/22/11) 43 year old Wallace Roberson was pronounced dead. He had allegedly attempted to break into the home of 70 year old Hobbs Resident Watson Green. Green fired one shot through the front door, fatally wounding Roberson. The DA is reviewing the case and exact details are not yet known.

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North Carolina Firearms Bills Inch Closer to Law

North Carolina comes closer to sensible home-defense and carry legislation this week as a major Castle Doctrine bill gets an overhaul and two others work their way through legislative committees. SB 34, a proposed revision to North Carolina’s flawed Castle Doctrine statute, received a significant re-write this week and is set for further review this…

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