Trucking Group Pushes For CDLs To Be Linked To Concealed Carry Licenses

Trucking Group Pushes For CDLs To Be Linked To Concealed Carry Licenses

With the start of the whole Covid-19 scare and continuing into the recent civil unrest around the country, literally millions of Americans have been rethinking their priorities concerning protecting themselves and their families.

One group that has long been concerned for their safety is over the road truckers. They tend to carry very valuable cargos and are especially vulnerable to attack in overnight parking areas. Many of them carry guns, and many more would like to and would but for the lack of a national reciprocity law that would treat their carry permits like a driver’s license – good in all the lower 48 states.

One proposal by the United States Transportation Alliance would be to link a driver’s CDL with their carry permit so they could carry across all state lines without running afoul of the ridiculously complicated and differing laws between the states. Of course, a national reciprocity law would accomplish pretty much the same thing for all carry permit holders, but perhaps getting protection for this smaller sub-group of the population would be easier to get passed into law.

This, of course, wouldn’t necessarily affect all of the trucking company’s policies against truckers arming themselves (thank you insurance companies and liability lawyers), but perhaps legalizing their carrying throughout the country would give them more leverage on the issue.

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