How to Overcome Your Fear Of Concealed Carrying

How to Overcome Your Fear Of Concealed Carrying

How to Overcome Your Fear Of Concealed Carrying

Not everyone was raised around guns.  In many cases, the first time a person picks up a rifle or pistol it’s usually either in the military or law enforcement training.  For the fortunate few who have either grown up around guns, were involved in athletic shooting competitions, or just had the pleasure of having friends who were familiar with guns, the fear of owning a gun has largely dissipated.

But what about carrying concealed everyday?

This idea can and does cause lingering anxiety for many of those with a concealed carry permit.  Even though numbers show that a very large number of Americans are joining the ranks of legal concealed carry, many don’t, won’t, or don’t trust themselves or others enough to carry.

Learn That A Firearm Is A Tool

You are the master of the gun that is under your control.  So long as a gun is under your control, it will not negligently discharge.  So far as you obey the principles of firearm safety, you will not injure yourself or others negligently.  If those previous two sentences don’t resonate as a truth, it’s important to take the steps to prepare yourself mentally and physically to overcome them.

Become so familiar with your firearm that it is a natural extension of yourself.  This means daily practice, dry firing, shooting at the range, and feeling confident that it’s there with you.

People Largely Don’t Care So Long As You’re Responsible

The great thing about carrying concealed is that the majority of people you encounter will never look at you twice because they think you’re carrying.  As long as you’re not brandishing or printing, the average person has no way of knowing you’re carrying.  And for those who do carry concealed or have a background in military or law enforcement, they’re not worried about you.  So long as what you’re doing is legal, most concealed carriers are more than happy to see there’s others of a similar mind out there.  After all — the more concealed carriers in an area, the more dangerous it is to be a violent criminal.

Know The Law

The best way of knowing whether or not you’re in the right is to simply know the law.  Each state has its own particular gun laws.  Some are extremely easy to follow and others are super complicated.  It’s your job to know these laws so you can feel confident in carrying your concealed firearm.

If You Don’t Show — They Don’t Care

This plays off a previous point.  The better concealed your firearm is on your person, the less chance anyone will know you’re carrying.  Research inside the waistband holsters that fit your particular carry style and wear clothes that suit and match that.  If it’s super hot weather outside and you’re just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, that full size 1911 may show up pretty easily.

Conversely, if you see a yahoo walking around with a clear print of his everyday carry, it’s not your job to correct him.  You’re not responsible for anyone other than yourself.  Not everyone is like you and some people are just downright daft.  So long as they don’t cause a problem — don’t cause a problem.

In conclusion, the only way to get over the fear of carrying a concealed firearm is to practice it every day.  There’s a strong likelihood you will never need to draw your pistol or even show your permit to anyone.  And as time goes on, you will see that carrying a concealed pistol is only enabling you further to protect yourself and those you love.  It’s a fear worth getting over.