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MantisX PX4

Will the MantisX Fix Your Bad Shooting Habits?

It’s no secret that the firearms world and especially the concealed carry market is a gadget rich environment. There is no shortage of products promising to make you faster, safer, more accurate, better equipped, more ready, thoroughly prepared and maybe even better looking while you do it. Most of the time we see refinements of…

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A Furtive Movement Can Get You Killed

A Furtive Movement Can Get You Killed

"Furtive" as defined by many dictionaries is "being shifty; characterized by stealth; surreptitious; sly and underhanded movement; an expression of hidden motives or purposes."  In New York City (NYC) in 2003, police officers stopped and frisked 160,851 people and recovered 604 guns. In 2012, there were almost 700,000 people stopped there with 780 guns recovered.…

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