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Best-Red Dot Sight Picture

Handgun Mini Red Dot Sights: Basic Considerations & Opinions

The latest and greatest for handguns seems to be Mini Red Dot reflex sights (MRDS.) Have they replaced laser sights or even the respected iron sights for handguns? No, not yet, but? What do you primarily use handgun MRDS for? Concealed carry, home defense, mostly competition, long-distance shots for hunting, short close quarters defensive shots,…

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Back-Up Sights for Your Rifle

Back-Up Sights for Your Rifle

If you don’t own an AR-15 yet, I encourage you to put it on your Christmas list. Since there are dozens of companies who produce ARs (I like Rock River Arms and Colt), I’m sure somebody is having a Black Friday deal. Of course, once you get an AR it becomes tempting to put a…

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Laser Sights

Laser Sights on Firearms: Are they For You?

There does NOT seem to be a consensus about the use of lasers for firearms sighting. This is a very controversial subject. Some shooters are strongly in favor of the use of laser sights, while others are definitely opposed to them and favor iron sights and/or night sights. Some say that using nice-to-have laser sights…

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Painting a (Pretty) Sight Picture

Painting a (Pretty) Sight Picture

All too often, we purchase a firearm with (sometimes) not the sights for our needs. Most often, the rear sight is a single bar, an outline, two dots, or a simple V-notch. The front sight may consist of a dot, a colored insert, an interchangeable Tru-Glo fiber arrangement, or no indicator at all aside from…

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